EDCI LEAP Academy is a half-day, bilingual preschool program for children who live in the EDCI Zone. The Academy provides an enriching, hands-on learning environment and supports each child as they rise to their full potential.

EDCI LEAP Academy was created to fill a gap for 3–4-year-old children in the EDCI Zone who would otherwise have no preschool experience. Without EDCI LEAP Academy, these children would be at home with a family member until walking through the big school doors on the first day of kindergarten. Some of these children would be separating from their parent for the first time and entering a world that operates with different rules, expectations, and sometimes even a different language. EDCI LEAP Academy helps children grow in all developmental areas, instills a love of learning, and supports the children in building skills that will prepare them for kindergarten.

EDCI LEAP Academy is located at 2615 Harvard Avenue, Durham, NC, 27703. 

  • The Meldrum Foundation

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