Family Connects (formerly Durham Connects) provides free, in-home nurse visits to ALL parents of newborns in Durham County — regardless of income or socioeconomic status. Registered nurses perform a weight and health check for babies and offer support to mothers recovering from child birth. Family Connects nurses and staff are experts in supporting families of newborns with local, Durham-based resources. They unite families, community agencies, and healthcare providers to give babies the best environment for growth. One bilingual nurse is assigned specifically to the EDCI Zone. 

The first visit is typically scheduled 3 weeks postpartum, though they can be arranged anytime within 12 weeks postpartum according to parents' schedules. During their visits, nurses also identify whether families might also benefit from: breastfeeding assistance; childcare selection help; tangible support; financial resources; parenting education courses; help identifying and coping with postpartum depression; dealing with social isolation or new family dynamics; and many other issues.

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