DCI is here for you! The linked sites are resources to help you during the pandemic. Please reach out to your DCI advocate with any additional questions. 


Yoga Exercises for Kids

Need a brain break? This site offers great opportunities for some exercise through easier yoga poses while they listen to their favorite characters’ adventures.

PBS Resources

A PBS resource for parents complete with educational movies, games, and activities.

Virtual Resources from Artists

DCI’s partnership with the Carolina Theatre has enabled virtual programs from artists to be available to you. 

Math, Science, Politics, and Fun Experiments

Experiments with Math, Science, Politics, and Fun Experiments in TED-ED & TED-ED En Espanol

Virtual School Activities

This interactive site hosts live webcams and allows scholars to tour virtual museums and field trip opportunities in the comfort of your home.

English Language Learning Support

Support for students in English Language Arts and Civics with Read Works. 

Math, Science and Humanities Resources

Review material by each grade level with Khan Academy & Khan Academy (Espanol)

Scholastic Help and Resources

Online learning and review of subjects taught during the first part of the current school year with Scholastic.

Distant Learning Support with Mauren Joy Charter School

Maureen Joy Charter School has shared the following resources for distance learning.

Distant Learning Support with DPS

Durham Public Schools has shared resources for distance learning. 

Academic Grading Support

This press release was sent out by the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction and includes guidelines for grading and end-of-year testing during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Structure and Routines

Need help creating structure and routines for your scholar/children while they are home? Try this sample routine.

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