EDCI was founded on the principles of collaboration. It’s at the center of everything we do.

At EDCI, we’re idealists and pragmatists, creatives and change-makers. We work together with families in the EDCI Zone, the wider Durham community, donors, community leaders, program partners and each other to make Durham a city where we all have the opportunity to get ahead.

There are numerous ways to get involved with EDCI.

If you’d like to participate in our programs or services, check out our Services page.

If you’d like to browse current volunteer opportunities (we have something for everyone) head over to the Volunteer section.

Or maybe you’re looking for employment opportunities or internships. 

We depend on donations to continue our work in East Durham. If you’d like to make a one-time gift or set up monthly donations, you can do that here

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Let's talk about impact

Let's talk about impact

We're celebrating our eighth year in operation at EDCI. We have a lot to be proud of and a lot to work toward. We invite you to read our Impact Summary.  
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