hands making shape of heart with text 100 reasons why $100,000 in 2020

EDCI is raising $100,000 for kids and families in 100 days. Through February 17, 2020, all gifts up to $3,000 will be DOUBLED by a generous donor. 


Here are 100 reasons why your gift matters:

  1. Equity and access to opportunity in the Bull City.   
  2. Low-cost, bilingual preschool. Since 2015, 93% of students have graduated kindergarten ready from the EDCI LEAP Academy. 
  3. Parent Cafe workshops for families. Topics include brain development, learning through play, emergency planning in the immigrant community, Adverse Childhood Events (ACEs), and more. 
  4. Family Advocates. Families receive regular home visits, coaching, and referrals to services, with 97% reporting that they received helpful resources about their children's education and development from their Advocate. 
  5. Health. EDCI offers exercise classes, health and nutrition programs, and the Youth Leadership Council, in which elementary and middle-school students develop health solutions for their community. 
  6. STEM. At STEAM Saturdays, students experiment with science, go on field trips, and learn about careers in STEM. 
  7. Full minds and bellies. EDCI Summer Lunch feeds the entire family all summer long, while farmers markets provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables. 
  8. Community. We are proud to work in East Durham!!
  9. Summer learning gains. In 2019, students attending EDCI summer camps achieved statistically significant learning gains in literacy and math. These gains help students narrow the achievement gap over time. 
  10. Youth leaders. Students at the Youth Leadership Council are creating their own health solutions—including community field days, school taste testings and walkathons, and anti-bullying campaigns at school. 
  11. College tours. At Spring Break Camp, middle school students tour local universities and learn about different college and career pathways. 
  12. Comprehensive evaluation. Our annual program evaluation is conducted by Duke University's Center for Child and Family Policy and tracks short- and long-term outcomes for EDCI kids and families. 
  13. East Durham. We serve families living in a 120-block neighborhood just 10 minutes east of downtown Durm.
  14. Closing the achievement gap. EDCI summer camps and other out-of-school time programs are critical for helping students perform at grade level and graduate from high school on time. 
  15. Early childhood focus. 96% of children with an Early Childhood Family Advocate met developmental and age-appropriate milestones. Family Advocates conduct assessments at home and refer families to needed services.  
  16. First time at the theater. Whether they're touring the American Dance Festival or watching Aladdin at The Carolina Theatre, these trips are the first time many EDCI students see a live play or show. 
  17. Field trips in nature. Experiential learning connects students to what they have learned in the classroom and adds excitement to learning. 
  18. Coding. Students at EDCI STEAM Summer Camp learn coding and make their own games and websites each year. 
  19. Kids. EDCI is all about the kids. Always has been, always will be.  
  20. Families. EDCI walks with families on their unique pathways to success and offers goal planning for every member of the family, including parents. 
  21. College to career. Our pipeline of supports spans from birth through high school graduation, offering support for families at every step of life. 
  22. Career exposure. From learning about how apps are made to watching a weather professional in action, students get year-round opportunities to learn about future careers. 
  23. Diversity. EDCI has a diverse, bilingual staff that mirrors the community we serve. 
  24. Arts. STEAM Summer Camp and STEAM Saturdays offer regular opportunities for kids to engage with the arts through activities and field trips.  
  25. Moving the needle. EDCI's pipeline of services has been proven to result in improved literacy scores, school readiness, attendance, and parent engagement. 
  26. Two-generational services. In order for kids to be successful, so must their parents. Our two-generational programs include English and computer literacy classes, career support, and more. 
  27. Parent-teacher meetings. Parents with a Family Advocate reported increased confidence in communicating with their child's teacher and participating in parent-teacher conferences after receiving coaching. 
  28. Home visits. Families with a Family Advocate receive a quarterly home visit and regular check-ins to assist with educational, behavioral, and other concerns. 
  29. Computer literacy. In spring 2019, EDCI offered two parent-child literacy workshop series in English and Spanish for parents to learn computer skills alongside their children. 
  30. English classes. EDCI offers regular English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) classes that help parents improve their English skills and their ability to find employment or help their children with homework. 
  31. Learning through play. EDCI offers group learning cohorts for parents with children aged 0-18 months that allow parents to learn together and support one another. 
  32. Trauma informed. Our trauma-informed services address the effects of intergenerational poverty and link families to needed supports. 
  33. Family centered. We know families comes in all shapes and sizes and languages and backgrounds, and we welcome them all!
  34. Tailored services. Family Advocates create unique goal plans for each family and connect families to the resources they need to be successful. 
  35. Lifelong support. We work with families from cradle to career and beyond. 
  36. Youth Advocates. Middle School Youth Advocates work at Neal Middle School to provide in-school academic and behavioral support for kids. 
  37. Afterschool programs. EDCI connects children to afterschool programs, including the Youth Leadership Council. 
  38. STEAM Saturdays. Slime. Robots. Coding. Need we say more?
  39. Kindergarten ready. The EDCI LEAP Academy preschool and Stepping Stones camp help students be ready for school on day one. Children with an Early Childhood Family Advocate were rated by their kindergarten teachers as having better literacy skills, attendance, and behavior than their peers. 
  40. Partners. More than 40 partners help EDCI fill out its pipeline of services. We couldn't do our work without them!
  41. Impact. The longer students are enrolled in EDCI, the better their early literacy skills and attendance over time. 
  42. Collaboration. EDCI partners and community members play a critical role in bringing our vision to the East Durham community. 
  43. Social-emotional learning. EDCI programs are designed to help students learn social-emotional skills critical for school and life. 
  44. High-quality. We are committed to bringing high-quality programs to EDCI kids and families that offer proven impact. 
  45. Integrity. We are committed to the success and safety of our children and families, which includes background checks and child safeguarding training for staff and volunteers.  
  46. Child care. EDCI offers child care scholarships and subsidies that allow parents to stay in school and maintain employment. 
  47. Early literacy. Programs like Story Hour help children develop literacy skills from an early age. The longer children are enrolled in EDCI, the better their early literacy skills.  
  48. Food insecurity. Summer Lunch and farmers markets reduce neighborhood food insecurity so that children are healthy and ready to learn. 
  49. Innovation. When a needed program doesn't exist, EDCI partners with another organization or creates the program itself. 
  50. Holiday Zone. This program is an incentive for families and provides welcome gifts during the holidays. 
  51. Sports teams. EDCI offers a youth basketball team and other recreational opportunities for kids. 
  52. Anti-bullying campaign. Middle school students in the Youth Leadership Council created a video PSA to combat loneliness and bullying at their school. 
  53. Farmers market. Each summer, EDCI offers a farmers market and food backpacks that provide families with needed fresh and shelf-stable food. 
  54. Connection to services. Family Advocates refer families to needed services including education and housing assistance, child care and preschool, healthcare, and more. 
  55. Arts and crafts. Families attending Summer Lunch can do arts and crafts together that spur creativity and allow them to meet other neighborhood families.  
  56. Learning with mom and dad. Our two-generational programs, including computer literacy and other workshops, allow families to learn alongside one another. 
  57. Bilingual staff. EDCI Family Advocates and community staff are bilingual in English and Spanish.
  58. Social capital. In 2018, EDCI was one of five organizations interviewed by the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services regarding its strategies for helping children and families develop social capital.  
  59. Child abuse prevention. Families participating in EDCI have lower rates of child abuse and maltreatment.  
  60. Community reputation. 81% of families reported telling a friend or neighbor about EDCI. 
  61. Winter coat drive. Each winter, EDCI conducts a coat drive benefiting EDCI kids and families. 
  62. Home libraries. Children at the EDCI LEAP Academy preschool and EDCI summer camps receive bilingual books for their home libraries.  
  63. Story Hour. This early literacy program for parents with children ages 0-3 includes storytelling, arts and crafts, and community building.  
  64. Mental health. EDCI and Duke Integrated Pediatric Mental Health offer workshops related to mental health for parents with young children. 
  65. Self-care and reliance. Family Advocates and Parent Cafe workshops help parents/caregivers develop the skills they need to care for themselves and their families. 
  66. Transition to kindergarten. The EDCI LEAP Academy preschool, Stepping Stones, and Early Childhood Family Advocates help EDCI kids be ready for kindergarten on day one. 
  67. College Savings Accounts. Students in elementary schools can open a free College Savings Account and match up to $100 in deposits each year. 
  68. Music. STEAM Saturdays takes kids to concerts and helps them spit top-notch beats.  
  69. Tutoring. EDCI connects children to needed year-round tutoring opportunities. 
  70. Community gardens. EDCI's community gardens offer fresh vegetables to families. 
  71. Nutrition education. The Youth Leadership Council provides health and nutrition education for elementary and middle-school students. 
  72. Computers for families. Families participating in computer literacy workshops in 2018 and 2019 got to take home a computer after completing the course. 
  73. Dedicated staff. EDCI is dedicated to its kids, families, and the East Durham community. 
  74. Perseverance. It's all about the kids. We will never, ever give up on them.
  75. Grit. We instill this quality in children through high-quality out-of-school programs and Family Advocates. 
  76. Commitment to the future. EDCI's pipeline of programs is an investment in the future of Durham and its children. 
  77. Free programs. All EDCI programs are free or low cost for families. 
  78. Love of books. EDCI literacy and out-of-school programs inspire a love of learning in kids. There's nothing better than a visit from the Durham Public Library's bookmobile! 
  79. Literacy. Children participating in EDCI camps have beaten summer learning loss in literacy, every year. 
  80. Math. Kids take math classes at summer camp and also learn math skills through activities like coding. 
  81. Technology. From 3D printers to apps to laptops, our kids can't get enough of tech! 
  82. Hands-on learning. EDCI out-of-school time programs are hands on and engaging. 
  83. Puppet shows. If you didn't have enough reasons to come visit us at STEAM Saturdays already...
  84. Internships. EDCI students take field trips and tours to learn about internships and career opportunities. 
  85. Passion. All EDCI staff and volunteers bring it, every day. 
  86. Love. We love our kids and families, period. 
  87. Having fun. We believe this is an important part of the learning process, and we build it into every program!
  88. Believing in yourself. When kids improve their academic skills, they believe in themselves more. 
  89. Student of the month. Middle School Youth Advocates at Neal Middle honor a different student each month for their accomplishments. 
  90. Literacy and math. In 2019, students attending EDCI BellXcel Summer Camp achieved 2 months of learning gains in literacy and 1.5 months in math. Incredible!
  91. Improved behavior. 76% of families with an Early Chilldhood Family Advocate reported that their Advocate had shared helpful guidance on behavior and discipline. 
  92. Wide reach. EDCI serves students attending 49 different schools across Durham. 
  93. Open to all. Children attending public, charter, and private schools are eligible to participate in EDCI programs. 
  94. Meeting community needs. The median income for families living in the Zone is around $26,000—less than half the average for Durham County. 
  95. Economically thriving. EDCI provides career development workshops and other programs for creating an economically thriving community. 
  96. Gentrification. As Durham rapidly develops, gentrification is affecting low-income neighborhoods like the Zone. We stand by our families and continue to provide services even after they leave our service area. 
  97. Half-day preschool. Our half-day model is convenient for families who only need childcare for only part of the day. 
  98. Cooking classes. Our parent-child cooking classes allow families to learn together as they try new recipes and foods. 
  99. Interpretation and translation. More than half of EDCI families speak Spanish at home. EDCI offers interpretation and translation for its community programs and communications.  
  100. Pride where you come from. We are proud of East Durham and our children and families who call it home!!

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