EDCI Parent Advocates support the academic, social, and emotional success of children and families in the EDCI Zone, from early child hood through middle school.

They support children’s academic success through academic interventions that improve reading efficiency. Advocates also offer parent engagement activities designed to create effective learning environments at home. They work together with parents to ensure that children are socially, emotionally, and physically prepared to succeed in school.

More than 200 families and nearly 500 children are actively engaged with an EDCI Parent Advocate through home visits, information and recommendations, school support, referrals to partner programs, general support and intervention.

Meet the Advocates!

Early Childhood Parent Advocates

Carla Fryling 

María Mejía  

Elementary Parent Advocates

Ester Mateo-Orr  

LaDonna Brown  

Kendra Madding  

Middle School Youth Advocate

Ricky Leathers   

Middle School Parent Advocate

We will soon bring a middle school parent advocate onto our team to support families and children through the transition from elementary to middle school, and then on to high school.

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