Kidznotes is a music for social change program that engages students pre-kindergarten through the 12th grade in an intense, fully integrated, out-of-school musical program that includes instrumental instruction, choir, music theory, general music, orchestra, and band.

Kidznotes provides free-of-charge classical, orchestral music training to interested children in low-wealth neighborhoods with the goal of combating poverty, strengthening education, and fostering positive decision making. It is an educational and community enrichment program using music training and a variety of complementary experiences (e.g., concerts, field trips). Kidznotes aims to help develop students’ intellectual potential for success at school as well as build self-confidence, discipline, and social skills.

Practices and some performances are held at Holton Career and Resource Center for elementary students from Y.E. Smith Elementary School, Eastway Elementary School, and Maureen Joy Charter School.

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