The EDCI Healthy Living Initiative provides nutritious foods throughout the year by supporting the weekend BackPack Buddies program, supplying EDCI Summer Lunch for the nine weeks children are not in school, providing nutrition education through classes and cooking demonstrations, ensuring that nutritious meals and snacks are served at EDCI events and the LEAP Academy, and sponsoring mobile farmers markets in the EDCI Zone, and new initiatives as they arise.

The EDCI Healthy Living Initiative provides opportunities for children and families in the EDCI Zone to play, be active, and engage in physical education activities through the following: maintenance of the Healthy Mile Trail, walking groups, community exercise classes (e.g., Zumba), maintenance of the Cherry Hill playground, play groups and play days, sports teams, work with local schools and other groups to provide bicycle and pedestrian safety education, Safe Routes to School events, and more.

When further nutritional support is needed, the Initiative refers EDCI children to high-quality nutrition counseling services.

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